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welcome to

Jadwin Asset Management LLC

Jadwin Asset Management LLC is a private and independently owned partnership whose primary mission is to serve high net worth individuals and families.

About Us

Integrated Wealth Management to Help Connect the Dots.

Our goal is to preserve and grow wealth for the long term by investing in a diversified portfolio of high quality securities and to provide a high level of individualized service.
- John Knox, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

John D Knox Photo

John D Knox

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Before founding Jadwin Asset Management LLC, Mr. Knox was a Managing Director and Senior Wealth Advisor at Bessemer Trust from 2012 to 2018. Before joining Bessemer, he was a Managing Director at J P Morgan in the Private Bank. Prior to that, he was the President and later Chairman of First Republic Investment Management and its predecessor Trainer Wortham and Co. for fifteen years where he managed portfolios for high net worth and institutional clients. Mr. Knox started his career at Morgan Stanley Asset Management where he was a Principal and Senior Portfolio manager managing equity and fixed income portfolios. Mr. Knox graduated from Princeton University where he received a BA in Economics.

Asif Osman, CFA Photo

Asif Osman, CFA

Managing Director

Asif has 25 years of experience understanding high net worth clients’ unique requirements for separately managed accounts while advising on asset allocation and helping the next generation education efforts.  His investment philosophy based on understanding companies’ business models and sustainable competitive advantage was developed while covering technology stocks in the pre dot com boom period of the late 1990s.  Asif’s appreciation of business and product life cycles was successfully stress tested through navigating the dot com bubble and the subsequent recovery, managing through the global financial crisis and the following decade of slow economic expansion and the recent tumultuous pandemic environment.

Asif graduated as a Weidler Scholar from the Ohio State University with an MBA in Finance and is a CFA charterholder.  He is an avid squash player and enjoys volunteering time for his kids’ soccer and debate team.


Customized Solutions to Meet Your Needs

What We Do

Conservative high quality orientation

Custom tailored separate account portfolios

Active management with a tax efficient overlay

Complete transparency with an independent custodian

We invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETF’s

How We Do It

All trading is done on a competitive basis to ensure best execution

In the fixed income market, we prefer strong investment grade credits and perform our own credit research rather than relying on the rating agencies

Our fees are totally transparent with no hidden charges or additional commissions

We avoid: derivatives, structured notes and esoteric securities, securities with embedded loads and sales charges

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